Hi, I am Joanna Lynch-Lawrenson  -  a Registered Psychologist based on Vancouver’s beautiful North Shore, serving West Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Life is a constant challenge. My belief is that therapy can empower a person to cope with almost any hurdle if they can find the right outlets to support them. Contributor to ethics meetings at The North Shore Stress & Anxiety Clinic.

It starts with trust and listening and soon transitions into a true partnership of exploring different techniques towards positive change. Words are powerful, thoughts even more and especially if they impact us negatively. In this ever-changing world of technology and social media it is quite common for people to isolate themselves and lose the ability to converse and share a problem. In today’s texting, Twitter and Facebook era we can still find comfort and value from in person, face to face interventions towards a better well-being. I promote that change begins with commitment to “attending therapy”, hence the name J.

I have practiced as a psychologist in North America and the UK for over 25 years, gaining practical experience with a wide range of people from all over the world. I first started working with young offenders (aged 8-18 years) in Lancashire, UK after 10 years psychology training to Doctorate Level. I went on to work with Adults in Primary Care in the beautiful Roman city of York, and later to more challenging primary care in Inner-City regions of Manchester, with parents, teenagers and children.

My experience of therapy includes: attachment, assertiveness, anxiety, abuse, depression, post-traumatic stress, LGBT, personal self-development,  post-natal depression, life transition, crisis, teenage angst, palliative care and cancer support, suicide, bereavement, life coaching and emigration, across all age groups.

I use an ‘Integrative Therapeutic Approach’ in my work, having had much success with techniques such as Narrative Therapy,  Mindfulness (Rick Hanson et al),  Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Person Centred , Personal Construct Therapy, Gestalt, Brief-Solution Focus. I have worked with Actors and other performing artists to help them combat stress and anxiety in their work.

Therapy is a serious business however I do incorporate a touch of lightness into my work as a psychologist (where appropriate) for those who desire the need for “Laughter therapy”” (Patch Adams etal.) I respect the works of the attachment model of John Bowlby, we all begin with being parented and therein begins our journey, and our history. I trained in the parenting model of Carolyn Webster-Stratton (The Incredible Years Program, Seattle), Hilton Davis (The Family Partnership Approach, London, England) and recommend the works of Steve Biddulph (parenting Australia). Sometimes children have a difficult time with verbally talking about problems so I do use Creative Therapy work-books and artwork for younger patients, e.g. Marge Heegaard series "When someone very special dies.", "When Mom and Dad separate." and "When a family is in trouble (children's grief from drug and alcohol addiction in a family)" - covering issues such as grief, divorce and addiction. As a clinical supervisor I have also supervised psychologists, counselors, social workers and nursing staff and offered group and individual therapeutic intervention at a. I realized that Art, drama and play therapy; visualization and relaxation therapy can enable young teens to feel better about themselves.

I have worked on the North Shore, West Vancouver since 2010 and have established good relationships with a great team of GP's, Psychologists, Oncologists and multidisciplinary professionals alike. I am a registrant of the College of Psychologist of BC and a member of the BCPA. I regularly meet with other psychologists for ethics and peer discussions for CPD and support. One of my own therapeutic outlets is my Labradoodle pet dog Amber and you can also ask to have her in session with us to if you so wish.

Please schedule in to see me by sending me an email or leaving me a voice message I would be glad to work with you from my West Vancouver locations. Extended insurers cover most services from a psychologist.

Favourite poem.. “ Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference”. By Robert Frost